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10 ways to Raise Your Energy

Hello!! My name is Victoria Selene Norris. I am the owner of Selene's Serenity and this is our first blog post! I wanted our first post to be as genuine and raw as possible so I waited until I took some time to think about what I wanted to write. In this post, I am not selling you any of our products. I am speaking to you as a friend, confidant, woman, and human being going through the same ups and downs in life as you. 


In the past year, as a person I have elevated in ways that I could have never imagined. Over the past year, I have grown into everything that I have wanted to be and more. I am only at the beginning of my growth process and still learning everyday, but I want to share what I have learned with anyone that is willing to listen. This post is for anyone trying to find themselves. This post is for anyone that feels lost and alone. This post is for anyone that feels like they don't fit in. This post is for anyone that is struggling to find love for themselves. 

Over the past year, I have developed the most influential helpful habits and experience to truly raise my vibration and energy as a person. I am not going to say that developing/practicing these habits will be easy at first. I am also not going to say that these habits have turned me into a superwoman, almost though lol. However, these habits have truly turned me into the best person I have ever been in my life. Some of these habits are physical and some of these habits are mental! 

1. Develop goals. 

We all have dreams, we all have places we want to get to someday. Write your goals and dreams down in a journal, make a vision board, put them in your notes. Find some way to solidify your goals where you can visually see them. Preferably somewhere that you can see daily. Keep this as a reminder of your why. Why you get up everyday, why you are going through the slow, hard times, why you are so excited for your future. KEEP YOUR DREAMS BIG. NEVER let anyone tell you that you should minimize your goals. They are simply lowering your energy and bringing you down. 

2. Wake up early

Waking up early is SO hard! I have gone weeks on and off throughout the whole year of 2020. Waking up early allows you to spend a little bit of time with yourself before work or school. Just a little bit of self care, with you and your thoughts. Waking up early also allows you to be EXTRA productive. 

3. Cook/Eat veggies and fruits

This is a basic one, yes. BUT, fruits and veggies are one of the most natural ways to nourish our bodies. The many nutrients that we need to live a balanced healthy life. They are brain foods, these sweet babies help us stay focused! Plus, they make your skin glow and your heart happy. Who doesn't want a happy heart? Too much modified and processed foods slowly but surely kill us. They also slug your body!

4. Practice Gratitude

Every morning or day, take a few moments to be grateful for everything that your life is. If you just worked out, be thankful that your legs are healthy and functional enough to get through a workout. If you are driving to work, take a look at the sunrise or sunset, and be grateful for the view. There are SO many things that we take for granted. It could be as simple as health, a job, a home. You don't know what you have until it's gone. I promise this will improve your mood and encourage you to get through your day.

5. Good Habits should surround you! Find what fits for you!


As a certified group fitness instructor and someone that is passionate about fitness, this is so important to me. Move in some type of way! Go on a walk, visit the gym, take a fitness class, do some yoga and stretch! Your body will thank you and you will feel so proud of yourself after!

Listen to high-vibrational music.

Listen to music that boosts your energy and confidence. This could be Christian music, this could be Ariana Grande, this could be Jhene Aiko. Listen to lyrics that have affirmations. "Just Like Magic" by Ariana Grande fits me and boosts my mood. Some of my favorite lyrics are "How you be spending your time?", "I vibrate high and my circle lit, we ain't really with drugs and sh*t." "My presence sweet and my aura bright."

Saying and singing these lyrics increase my mood, productivity, and energy. Find yours! <3


Writing down your thoughts is a form of self therapy. Writing down your goals and dreams is a form of manifesting. Writing to God and Heaven is illuminatating. Try it for yourself.


Everyday take some time to focus on your breath. Practice deep inhales and exhales, feel your body, feel your muscles, your tendons, and connect with your mind, body, and soul. It gets easier over time!

Rest and Physical Self-Care.

Treat yourself as much as possible! Light your SS candles, hop in the bath, read a book and watch the sun go down. Take a nap when you're tired, go get your nails done, take care of yourself. You should be your #1 priority. If you can't take care of yourself how are you going to take care of someone else properly? 

6. Boss Up. 

It is 2021, it is PAST time for you to realize your priceless worth. If you do not believe in yourself, FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. Practice affirmations. Not sure where to start? 

"I am enough.

I am everything I need to be and more.

I am becoming the woman that I dream to be."

Say this to yourself in the mirror every morning after brushing your teeth and washing your face for 30 days. Confidence is key. Comparison is the root of negativity. Boss up and remember you are the baddest bitch on the block. Not my block, but your block for sure. (;

IF you know where this reference is from, email us for a discount code! 

For real though, if you don't believe in yourself, what makes you think that a CEO interviewing you for a goal-setting position would? If you constantly talk about how ugly or overweight you are, you are not only telling others how to see you, but your brain as well. Your energy is attractive and magnetic! Make it positive! 

You are a beauty that deserves the world and more, act like it. ALWAYS!

7. Forgive yourself and others.

Throughout your life, I am sure you have been hurt by others. I am sure that you have hurt yourself. Today is the day that you realize your past is okay. Your past is an illusion, only in your brain. Leave the past in the past and be present. The present is all that you have. Use what you learned, if anything and apply it to now. If someone put you through hell and back in the past, take a step back, thank yourself for the experience. Acknowledge the fact that that person has taught you that you will never put up being treated poorly again, and move on with your skyscraper standards. 

8. Empower others, even that girl that bullied you in middle school!

There is enough room for EVERYONE to eat. Your vibration instantly raises when you are truly happy for others. Clap for yourself but never forget to clap for others! Remember that you are your only competition. Your goal should be to be better than you were yesterday. If your goal is to beat this person or the next, you have some healing to do love! Again, comparison is the root of negativity. 

9. Cut out t o x i c people. 

Self-explanatory. If you find yourself constantly unhappy around a certain person, but you are keeping them around because you don't want to be lonely. Self-explanatory. A person should never bring constant negativity into your life. Surround yourself high-vibrational people. Love and light only improves your energy. Keep your aura bright and your vibration high.

10. You are the only thing stopping you.

Block out all of the "what if" factors of everything you want to do. What if I never would have started my business? What if I would have never reached out to multiple businesses about selling in stores? Then, I would not be where I am today. Self-doubt is your enemy! If you want to do something crazy but you're afraid you're reaching too high, there's no better instruction other than GO FOR IT. If you fail, you learned what not to do next time and appreciate yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone. But, there is a high chance you will succeed. With patience, discipline, and 100% effort. What you put in, you get out. What do you have to lose? 


If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I hope you come back to this anytime you need it. These habits are not easy and take more than a day to really establish in your brain. But overtime, you will see yourself elevating, growing, and becoming. Until next time!


If you have any questions or want to talk you can message us at selenesserenity@gmail.com.

Lots of love,

Victoria Selene




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